Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

I am one who has gentleness

Galatians 5:23
the fruit of the spirit is .... gentleness...

Jesus is the perfect "GENTLEMAN" - while this is only one of HIS many facets, yet, like "kindness" it is one of HIS great attractions! He is not pictured knocking down the door to our hearts - but gently standing outside the door knocking! Amazing! The GOD OF THE UNIVERSE gentle enough to do that? It's kinda like saying he's a "gentle lion" Clearly HE is quite capable of knocking that door down - however HE waits for us to invite HIM in - Did you ever stop and think there may be some area of your daily life HE is still standing on the outside of - waiting for you to invite HIM in? By all means invite HIM in TODAY! 


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