Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Golden Portals

Sweet is the promise, "I will not forget thee,"
Nothing can molest or turn my soul away;
E'en though the night be dark within the valley,
Just beyond is shining an eternal day.

Trusting the promise, "I will not forget thee,"
Onward I will go with songs of joy and love,
Though earth despise me,
Though my friends forsake me,
I shall be remembered in my home above.

When at the golden portals I am standing,
All my tribulations, all my sorrows past;
How sweet to hear the blessed proclamation,
"Enter, faithful servant, welcome home at last."

I will not forget thee or leave thee,
In My hands I'll hold thee,
In My arms I'll fold thee,
I will not forget thee or leave thee;
I am thy Redeemer, I will care for thee.
Charles H. Gabriel

Today I was part of a miracle. I had the feeling of standing "at the golden portals" of heaven as I stood with a precious forgiven post-abortive mommy as she released her babies into our Heavenly Father's care. It was a memorial service. Heaven seemed to draw near as we honored and valued and gave dignity to her children. She was able to testify "the holes in my heart have been replaced with wholeness."

I am overwhelmed and humbled that I was allowed to be part of that experience with her and walk a piece of her healing journey along side of her. The very old song I quoted above is what was rolling around in my heart, so I've shared it. I was part of a miracle today.

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