Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In this manner pray..."Our Father, in heaven"....

Jesus said, "In this manner, therefore pray, "Our Father, in heaven..."

How easy it is to forget about heaven! Our lives are so filled up with the daily-ness of life. Many chores we do over and over and over and over and over. Routine days filled with mundane tasks. How differently would we live our daily routine if we really kept heaven in our focus? Jesus wanted his disciples (and us) to remember that we are on our way HOME! The details of our life are not all there is to our whole existence! Heaven is real and we are going there. Our heavenly Father is in HEAVEN!

Our Father loves us extravagantly! Our life is meant to be a love affair with our God and Savior! A life of passionately awaiting the marriage supper of the Lamb when He will claim us as His bride! Somehow the sameness of daily existence tends to cloud that truth.

We have been led to think of heaven as puffy white clouds with little cherubs sitting on them strumming harps. :-) However, when you read the Bible and pay attention to what it says heaven is like - WOW! Not so much about puffy clouds! :-)

When we pray do we remember that we are praying to our Father who lives in a very real place called HEAVEN!!! Jesus recommended we start there - so we might just give it a try next time and see how it changes our praying!

This post reminds me of a poem my granddad used to quote.

We can only see a little of the ocean,
Just a few miles distant from the sandy shore,
But out there way beyond our eyes horizon,
There's more, immeasureably more!

We can only see a little of God's loving
Just a few rich treasures from His mighty store,
But out there way beyond our eyes horizon,
There's more, immeasureably more!

Today pray with heaven on your mind and in your focus!

Ruth Joy

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