Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 23, 2016
The Promises of God:

"Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver" (Proverbs 8:18, 19).

"In the house of the righteous is much treasure" (Proverbs 15:6).

Time to start "treasure hunting"! We are always looking for temporal treasures and HE is always offering enduring (lasting) treasures! Where your treasure is there will your heart be also! Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven! As we walk with HIM, HE imparts eternal treasure into our hearts which HE expects us to use to bring forth HIS abundance in our lives and the lives of those around us! Let's not bury our treasure in the ground but re-invest it into HIS kingdom!

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